Band of Brothers

November 11 is Veterans Day, that is. I am going to focus my post on World War II veterans. Remembering war films regarding World War II, my favourite is Band of Brothers.

Here are the things that I could remember about the movie:

1. I remember Dick Winters. He was a great leader for the soldiers who finally won the war at the Europe theatre or area. He always personally lead every operation and later on became a battalion commander.

2. Bastiogne. Is this is right? Correct me if I am wrong. I am referring to that very very cold place in Germany that made the soldiers quiver to death aggravated by the cleverness of their enemies. They dug holes in order to fit in for a night's rest.

3. Bull. He was the soldier who was missing overnight. It turned out that he was trapped in an underground after a tank has been running ahead of his comrades. When he was trapped, he met a father and his daughter who were also trapped in the area. They helped each other to kill an enemy. The next day, Bull's comrades located him.

4. The radio man. I am not sure if I am referring to Shifty or what. But I am referring to the soldier who is really a joker.

There are other memorable scenes in the movie Band of Brothers but the things that I shared proved to be unforgettable. The places shown in the movie are also attractive. The war at Carentan is very interesting. Besides, I cried when some talented jews were imprisoned at a labor camp and the people around the community kept mum about it. The said prisoners hurled for food rations when they were finally freed by the soldiers led by Dick Winters. Good movie. Memorable.

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