Queen Seon Deok

I really love this Korean drama, Queen Seon Deok. Queen Seon Deok is about a woman who is the eldest daughter of a King. She had a twin princess who was living in the palace. Seon Deok was forced to leave the palace minutes after she was born. Lady Mishil is the main antagonist of the drama series. She wittingly did everything just to prevent the fate as shown by the stars that the eight star, represented by Queen Seon Deok, is the one who will destroy her.

The Kingdom of Silla is the place where Queen Seon Deok must reign. She was named Deok-man when she left the palace. When she banished with the caretaker of the King as her foster mother, she lived in the desert to stay away from a man sent by Lady Mishil to kill her. Queen Seon Deok was able to save the life of her sister who left the palace to look for her husband. With all the unique historical events in Queen Seon Deok, there is no doubt that this drama series will be a hit of the viewers around the world.


Karen Joy said...

Would you believe it? My friend's daughter chose a Mishil-inspired wedding dress. She's a huge fan of Ko Hyun Jung, that's why. Her white gown is much like Korean-inspired, relaying what Mishil usually had in QSD.

With respect to their photo and video needs, they're considering hiring the best Tagaytay City Digital Photographer. How cool is that?

Trendy Karen said...

I love this television show not only because of the superb acting of the actors but also their outfits. Have you seen Mishil's attire when she plots to kill the two "sidekicks" of Deokman. She was so scary there and her attire is like a century-old assassin. From there, I'm inspired to create a Halloween costume for my friend's daughter, Esha. She is going to attend the Halloween party organized by Mount Sea Resorts in Cavite. The party will be held in the resort's stunning veranda.

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