Shinjuku Incident Movie Review

The movie is directed by Derek Yee and played by Jackie Chan as the lead star, Naoto Takenaka as Inspector Kitano, Daniel Wu as Jie, and Masaya Kato as Eguchi. The plot of the movie comprises more of drama blended with action. The story is also interesting as it triggers the mind of a person who knows much about illegal immigrants in Japan. The values that are developed in the movie are loyalty, camaraderie, deep understanding, survival of the fittest, and word of honor. The actors played well their parts especially the yakuza gang and their leaders.

The Shinjuku Incident movie directs its way to the life of a Chinese illegal immigrant in Japan. Jackie Chan plays Steelhead who is a tractor mechanic from Japan who entered Japan illegally to look for his long lost girlfriend. His character was supported by a friend Jie who also stayed at the busy place Shinjuku district in Tokyo. They worked for crappy jobs just to earn a living while staying in the country until such time that Steelhead found out that his girlfriend already married a yakuza leader named Eguchi. When Eguchi's life was in danger, Steelhead saved his life and they later agreed to revenge for the incident. For several reasons, Steelhead could no longer leave his friends within Shinjuku despite chances given to him. A police inspector named Kitano became his friend when he saved the former's life. The gang life in Shinjuku district became so dangerous that when Steelhead's friends got hold of power and influence, they gained several enemies from the rival gang. In trying to live life in the legal way, Steelhead tried to advise his friends to change their wrong attitude. But as fate dictates, blood flooded in the area as their rival gang tried to kill them all. Inspector Kitano got hold of important information about the yakuza before Steelhead died.


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