Heaven and Earth

The movie is somewhat historical since it is based on a true to life story. It is based on the memoir written by Le Ly Hayslip on account of her life from childhood until such time that he conquered what life has to offer. Obviously, the story mainly happened in Vietnam wherein the author lived and survived during the series of war and bloodshed. Basically, the plot of the story is inherently brutal. What could you expect during war time? It may be hard on the part of Le Ly Hayslip, but she definitely endured and learned many lessons.

The genres of the film include drama, history, adventure, and biography. It is a story of survival and the ability to embrace truth and life itself. The value of true love is difficult to measure in the story since the primary purpose of the author is to survive her difficult ordeal. It is not less than two times that she almost died from the hands of her tormentors. Oliver Stone shaped this movie as honest as he could endear life between death scenes. The village girl Le Ly Hayslip loved her family so much that he would do everything to run away from poverty, bloodshed, terror, betrayal and pain. She was married to an American soldier who taught her to improve life, only to kill himself out of misunderstanding and pride. All things considered, the movie is superb and will make us realize that life is precious more than anything else. Having one Golden Globe award, the film is worth our time.


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