Hokku Poems in Four Seasons by Yosa Buson

Yosa Buson wrote a poem that used senses in order to share experiences in life. The poem revolves around four seasons such as spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The value of self-confidence has been given importance in the poem and the author is confident enough to mention that at spring time, she finished the poem already. The venue of the poem is in Kyoto and the images talks about ordinary persons found in the community. The image of the bridge has been given life and longer daylight during springtime was mentioned. The way life is moving is also tackled with so much respect on the loyalty of time to its own pace.

The spring season was changed into summer and it was known to a noble man. When the spring day halted, summer blossomed into quietness of the day. In the same way, the author welcomed the season with candor as if it beautifies the whole place through the peony flowers. Yet, autumn is the saddest season for the author for it was the time when a special person died. The feeling of loneliness was emphasized then. Essentially, there was also peace during autumn despite the tragedy that came amidst it. The sight of the snow has been discussed in the poem when the season of winter was made its closure. The idea of hope was planted in the author’s heart while accepting all the things that happened.


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