Alien In The Attic

Alien In The Attic is one of the latest and best movies to be shown in theaters. The movie was directed by John Schultz and screenplay by Burton and Goldberg. Carter Jenkins, Austin Robert Butler, Ashley Tisdale, and Ashley Boettcher topbilled this adventure and family film. Basically, it is about a family with children who are smart and close to each other. The story started when the family organized a vacation in one place. The kids met with their cousins also and other members of the family. The Pearson family enjoyed the vacation so much that the parents were not aware that something strange was happening within the house.

The kids fought against the aliens in the attic who plotted invasion. The aliens had ambition of taking the whole world as their own. Ricky, who was the boyfriend of Bethany Pearson move under the spell of the aliens and was made their puppet until such time that the kids planned hard to defend their family. Their grandmother, Nana Rose comes also under the spell of the aliens, however she was able to help the kids fight against the aliens. The kids are so wise that they were able to control the aliens to fight against each other using remote control gadgets. Later on, the aliens were defeated with the help of one of their kind companion, a little alien whose heart is also good. After all, the story portrayed that family relationship is still important than anything else and whatever trials would be won over through cooperation and love.


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Karen Joy said...

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