James Mawdsley: The Heart Must Break

As a dedicated human rights activist, James Mawdsley wrote a book that provides more room for protests against the oppression done by military junta in Burma. He visited the country for three times in order to question the leadership of the military over the people in the locality. There are many lessons learned in the book. First, I agree with Mawdsley that there is more to life that deserves review by a person. Life in the university is fun, but the outside world beyond United Kingdom requires a generous and resolute heart and mind to protect those who are oppressed, feed the poor, help the needy, and stand for democracy. Second, there are varied elements of pain, laughter, confusion, regrets, curiosity, poverty, hardships, and even happiness that are embedded in the book. Life in prison was no fun for Mawdsley, but his cause always reminded him to stay focused and be a survivor. Third, Burma is a beautiful place based on the story of the author. An imaginary mind starts to work upon reading the third to the last chapter of the novel. I realized that it is possible for a citizen from a rich country to try living in the outskirts of a third country because he considers the poor and oppressed locality therein as his brothers. Indeed, Mawdsley is a person who knows what he is all about.

The book also focused on the freedom and responsibility of a person to take a move for the benefit of the people in Burma. It could be remembered that Mawdsley do not want to be a member of any group having the same work as he had because he wanted his freedom and protect his own thoughts. Unlike becoming a member of a non-governmental organization whose interests must align with its financiers and supporters, James remained to be alone for freedom's sake. In other words, he would not allow anyone to dictate his moves especially those who would just spoil his cause. Besides, he endured numerous days of torture and fear ignoring the filthy prison cells that made him live like an animal. Essentially, Mawdsley was able to earn respect and support from his family despite the fact that his activities are extremely dangerous. Finally, the author is also intelligent enough to make his captors smile at him with shame and confusion. With the hope of helping the people embrace democracy, he never lose courage and faith just to magnify his good intentions.


beauty said...

you can grow with books.

Keachy said...

exactly! that is why its good reading books..

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