Reviews: My Favorite Part of Hannah Montana Movie

I was not a fan of Miley Cyrus at first, but later on, I got amused of her total performance and energy as she belts out her songs. Hannah Montana The Movie even got me hooked for the first time. And my favorite part of the film is the one in the video below.

It was in this time when she was supposed to be sent to New York but instead sent to the hometown of her father. It was also in this part that she was called Smiley Miley, and where she learned and felt about her father's family. The place is so lovely, and the view of the white horse running is very amazing! It was so funny that at first, she did not want to stay in that place, but later felt the love of her own family. Love it!

What I learned from the movie? It is just family is still the best people in the world no matter what. We may reach and achieve what we love, but we still belong to the same people that made us great. For Hannah, her family is a bunch of talented singers which made her very talented too.


stugod said...

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Keachy said...

well, well, well, thanks for the comment still...

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